Marija Bokor: Bartók – Vaughan Williams – Yusupov

Marija Bokor: Bartók – Vaughan Williams – Yusupov

Title: (2022) Marija Bokor: Piano Recital
Main Artist: Marija Bokor
Label: Prospero
Main Composer: Bartók, Bela, Vaughan Williams, Ralph; Yusupov, Benjamin
CD Set: 1 CD
Configuration: Digipack, 24 pages booklet in full color.
EAN/UPC: 4270002928350
Product Number: PROSP0041
Release Date: 2022-05-06
Instruments: Piano
Genres, styles, epochs: 20th Century, 3D Packshot, Chamber, Piano, Romantic
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About New Album

Auf ihrer CD stellt die Schweizer Pianistin Marija Bokor neben selten gespielten Werken von Bartók und Vaughan-Williams auch Musik des russisch-israelischen Komponisten Benjamin Yusupov (*1962) vor. Yusupovs Kompositionen beruhen auf westlichen wie auch östlichen Musiktraditionen, wobei er besonders auf musikalische Überlieferungen verschiedener jüdisch-ethnischer Gemeinschaften zurückgreift.

An exceptional piano recital recently recorded by Swiss pianist Marija Bokor: Works by Bartòk, Vaughan-Williams and Benjamin Yusupov (b. 1962). Béla Bartók’s «8 Improvisations on Hungarian Peasant Songs» was completed in 1920. After the «15 Hungarian Peasant Songs», the «Improvisations on Hungarian Peasant Songs» are the second work by Bartók to bear those peasant songs in its title. Bartók himself later described the way in which folk melodies are confronted with refined avant-garde sounds as an «extreme limit». In terms of motives, too, he breaks up the song structures so radically that the title «Improvisations» best describes his approach to folk music. Ralph Vaughan Williams› six piano pieces from the «Charterhouse Suite» are a sequence of charming and delightful English-style dances. The music harks back to the composer’s school days at England’s elite Charterhouse School. The score is colorful and light-hearted, and one wonders why these pieces have not long since found their way into the standard repertoire of pianists. Benjamin Yusupov’s compositions are based on both Western and Eastern musical traditions, drawing especially on musical traditions of various Jewish ethnic communities with the goal of creating a new style of Israeli music. Marija Bokor has selected the following works for her recital: Subconscious Labyrinths, Metaphor, Melancholy & Crossroads No.2. Exciting music worth discovering!